Many have gone into the realm of higher consciousness through meditation.”

Larry A. Moen Biography Photo “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
Kula Mana Philosophy  “All questions are statements too.”
Larry A. Moen Biography Photo “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
Kula Mana Philosophy  “All questions are statements too.”
“There are over six billion paths to Utopia.”
“There are over six billion paths to Utopia.”
How To Meditate

1. Be Present

2. Stop all Thoughts

3. Observe from your heart

Mindful presence without thought
is the key to successful meditation.

Life itself is a meditation. There's the peeling the orange meditation, eating the apple meditation and thousands more.

The biggest obstacles are thoughts of past, present and future.

Mark the Thought 
1.  Place paper, pen and a timer in front of you
2.  Agree to sit quietly for 5 minutes and not have one thought
3. Rest your pen point on the paper. Every time you have a thought put a mark on the paper.  Set the timer, close your eyelids and go when ready... when done continue reading

You may be shocked by the high number of unwanted thoughts you had. Unwanted thoughts have controlled you.

If you had 5 marks (thoughts) then you have 26,000 unwanted thoughts per month a total of 312,000 unwanted thoughts per year.

Regain Your Seniority
Select a chair or bed mattress that will be your special meditation spot everyday for one hour.

Remove rubber soled shoes because they prevent grounding. Leather soled shoes are okay but not as good as bare feet with socks. Socks keep feet warm which allows good energy flow.

Sit with your back erect, feet flat on the floor and tongue touching the roof of your mouth.

Rest both hands on lap palms up or choose a Mudra.

Visualize yourself as a large sturdy tree. See your roots grow beneath you deep into Earth. You are solidly grounded.

Set a timer for one hour, close your eyes and stop all thoughts.

Say your birth name 3 times. Say, "I WANT only my spirit (say your birth name 3 more times) to communicate to my body what is in my best and highest interest during my meditation hour". 

At the one hour conclusion begin the Gold Sun Rejuvenation

In your mind’s eye visualize a gold sun above your head. Allow the sun’s rays to go out and collect your energy wherever you left it. Maybe at work, at your family’s home, a place you visited or wherever you see it.

Now pull your sun’s rays back into your gold sun and watch it expand.  Allow your sun to engulf you, filling your body with gold light.

  Option to help stop the thoughts go to Kula Mana Illumination

Any resistance to this practice is your Negative Emotional Body.

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