Larry A. Moen Biography Photo “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“All questions are statements too.”
Larry Moen Biography “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“All questions are statements too.”
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”
Now drop down into your heart and say, “I do not allow my thoughts to control me. I want to be happy and free”. Then smile at life around you.

Regain your seniority over automatic reflections of unresolved emotional memories of someone by cutting the energetic cord

As you continue your smile, eyes and Spirit will become brighter freeing you from controlling darkness. 

Above all else: Love is Light 

“If you consciously think unwanted thoughts you are unconscious.”
Thoughts Dictate Emotions

Imagine that your body is a pinball machine. The ball inside is an unwanted thought that shot into your head. As the ball (thought) motions into bumpers you battle unsuccessfully to prevent it from dropping into the dark hole of emotions. Game over – you loose.

Game Changer:

The ball (unwanted thought) rolls in. You simply watch it, smile and release it by changing to a thought of your choice. 

The same unwanted thought might repeat. If not it will definitely be replaced with a different one. Watch it, smile and change it. Embrace the necessary work.

Now you are internally strong and not stimulated by thoughts or memories of past present and future. Game Over - You Win.

Mark The Thought

1. On a hard surface place paper, pen and a timer in front of you.

2. Agree to sit quietly for 5 minutes and not have one thought.

3. Rest your pen point on the paper. Every time you have a thought put a mark on the paper. 

NOW: Start the 5 minute timer, close your eyelids and go... when done continue reading.

You may be shocked by the high number of unwanted thoughts you had. Sudden intruding thoughts control you.

If you had 6 marks (thoughts) then you have 200 uninvited thoughts per day.

The moment you notice a drifting thought;
Release it. 
It may immediately vanish from your awareness. If not let it go.
Larry Moen Biography “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
Human beings can have only ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME. Two different thoughts at the same time are impossible. When an unsolicited thought or associated emotion awakens within you immediately think a different thought.