Your emotional bodies have their own personality.”
Larry Moen Biography Photo “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“All questions are statements too.”
Larry Moen Biography Photo “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”
“All questions are statements too.”
Negative Emotional Body

Your Negative Emotional Body (NEB) is accumulated unresolved negative imagined thoughts or experiences. It’s also known as your Dark Side, Shadow, Bitter Angels or Inner Demons.

Negativity is food for your NEB.

NEB thrives on Addictions, Alcohol, Anger, Anxiety, Arguments, Confusion, Control, Criticism, Depression, Destruction, Disruption, Drama, Drugs, Ego, Fear, Frustration, Grief, Hatred, Illnesses, Jealousy, Judgment, Lies, Lust, Materialism, Obstruction, Pain, Paranoia, Pride, Problems, Rage, Refusal, Rejection, Revenge, Sabotage, Sadness, Sarcasm, Self-centeredness, Smut, Victimization, Violence, Worry etc. 

Your NEB can become a separate entity with a mind of its own. When "your negative emotions get the best of you", that's NEB in action. Sometimes it feels good to feel bad.

When you feel satisfied after watching a violent movie or the news, that's NEB recharging. The Academy Awards Best Picture winners are almost all violent. The voters are unaware their NEBs are casting the ballots.   

The worlds most selling book (Bible) is laden with violence and judgements, hence fulfilling the NEB of unsuspecting readers

NEB will do anything to survive and will defend itself at all costs. In extreme cases it will sacrifice your body, family and finances to exist if it must. NEB is capable of sabotaging every aspect of your life. 

If your NEB commits a crime, you are the one who goes to jail. 90% of convicts committed their felony while on drugs and or alcohol.

Positive Emotional Body

Your Positive Emotional Body (PEB) consists of impeded positive imagined thoughts or experiences. It’s also known as your Light Side, Brightness, Angelic, or Morality.

PEB thrives on Abundance, Acceptance, Admiration, Alliance, Appreciation, Approval, Beauty, Bliss, Certainty, Clarity, Creativeness, Divinity, Ecstasy, Elegance, Energy, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Faith, Freedom, Gracefulness, Gratitude, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Imagination, Independence, Inspiration, Instinct, Intuitive Joy Kindness, Knowledge, Laughter, Lively, Love, Luminous, Meditation, Miracles, Openness, Optimistic, Peace, Positive, Powerful, Productive, Prosperous, Quest, Refinement, Rejoice, Relaxation, Renewing, Replenish, Respect, Restore, Revolutionize, Safe, Secure, Serenity, Sincerity, Smiling, Soul, Spontaneous, Strength, Thankfulness, Therapeutic, Thriving, Tranquility, Trust, Unity, Values, Vibrant, Visualize, Vital, Wholesome, Willing,  Wonderful, Worthiness, Yes etc. 

You create how you feel with your thoughts. Negative and positive repeated thoughts block your energy flow and Spiritual growth. 

When you replay a positive emotional experience in your head you are stuck in the past. By letting that go you become present to enjoy existence unencumbered which allows acceptance, love and freedom to prevail.

Being present and observing at all times will liberate your emotional response to the outside world.    

Thoughts and Observation

NEB Thought:  The flower is ugly.
PEB Thought:  The flower is beautiful.
Observation:  A flower.

There are several methods to neutralize emotions
and regain your seniority, inner peace and freedom.

1. Be silent.
2. Shut off all thoughts immediately by releasing them.   
3. Observe your surroundings and smile.

1. Catch yourself judging.
2. Stop. Don't go there.
3. Notice your breathing and smile.

1.  See your thought as an image.
2.  Stop.  
3.  Watch it dissolve and smile.

Your emotional bodies don't want you to neutralize them. 

You are not declaring war on your emotions. They will appear subtly when you least expect it.

Although emotions are a necessary part of the third dimensional experience don't allow them to own you. 

The Three Bodies'

The positive and negative emotional bodies are similar to yin yang. The space between is your heart and Soul. 

When your emotional bodies are unbalanced they will effect your physical and Spiritual body's. 

Below is the general trend of the three body's.

1. Physical Body Association  lower three chakras (lower dantian)

2. Emotional Body Association the fourth chakra (middle dantian)

3. Spiritual Body Association  upper three chakras (upper dantian)

When you release a negative thought you turn off your
Negative Emotional Body.

When you release a positive thought you turn off your
Positive Emotional Body.

When you observe (no thought) your emotional bodies are
Equal and Balanced.

Now you have opened your heart allowing energy to flow non-obstructively.

This often results in total acceptance and love without attachment to past experiences that occurred outside of you.

You may naturally seek to understand your truths.
Your negative and positive emotional bodies
are an element of schizophrenia.