Your mind can prevent your Soul from obtaining your life’s purpose.”
Larry Moen Biography “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“All questions are statements too.”
Larry Moen Biography “It isn’t who you are, it’s what you are.”
“All questions are statements too.”
Why We're Here 

1. To Evolve as Souls

2. To Temporarily experience the 3-D as Spiritual Light Beings

3. To love and accept ourselves unconditionally.

Evolve As Souls

Source Energy (Divinity - Creation - God/ess - Tao - Infinite Force) fragments specks of Light into the darkness to know what It is. It gives life to all matter. Humans, animals, fish, trees, earth everything are no exception for It is Energy.

One of those specks of Light is your Soul. Your Soul became the heart seed in your body. As your body grew your Soul’s light expanded as Spirit replicating your physical image. 

You are also Source Energy and have been on your journey back home ever since your unified departure. Everything you experience in the third dimension (3-D) is a reflection of yourself. Mirroring gives you and Source the opportunity to self-evaluate. 

It is an endless search for experiences. One minor new act creates hundreds of scenarios. It’s impossible for anyone including Source Energy to know what It is. 

The 3-D expedites Soul evolution faster then in the ethereal frequency do to it's slower condensed vibration. Your Soul evolves much like the growing stages of the human body with each incarnation.  

As every Aspen tree is rooted to each other every human body is connected energetically.

Neutralize The Past

To neutralize the past is to free yourself with Light which provides you the ability to experience present time as Source Energy. 

The past can be a second ago, ten years ago or a past life. In quantum physics the past, future and present exist simultaneously. 

The human body cannot discern today from last week.

Spiritual Light Beings

In general Source, Soul and Spirit is the same thing... Light.  However they each have their own vibrational frequency as does each word. 

The Soul is the heart of Spirit, which also contains emotions. This continues after the body dies (with the last out breath) and Spirit's cord is cut. You will feel a tremendous sensation of freedom.

You (as Spirit) will have the same perceptual body image same beliefs and same emotions as your physical body had.  

Your life is reviewed and you will prepare lessons for your next evolutionary journey. 

Self love and acceptance is the ultimate goal.
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”
“There are over seven billion paths to Utopia.”