All questions are statements too.”
Larry A. Moen  Meditations For Transformation - Meditations For Awakening - Meditations For Healing
  “All questions are statements too.”
Larry A. Moen   Author Meditations For Transformation - Meditations For Awakening - Meditations For Healing
  “All questions are statements too.”
To forgive is to first judge

Creation says yes to everything.

You are infant, infinity and infinite.

To “Hear The Call” is to listen to yourself.

Love and justice are blind lets keep it that way.

Your negative emotional body has its own personality.

May your love be like good wine and not go bad in your barrel.

 Illuminate the foundation of your negative thoughts with blue light.

Every human body is a nondenominational place of worship.

Enlighten your existence from the shadows of your mind.

Free yourself of fear and release anger or sadness.

You’ll do unto others as you do unto yourself.

The outside world mirrors your internal self.

Loving another is the extent of self-love.

Pain and anger are strong motivators.

If it doesn’t feel right it isn’t.

Allow the Muse to flow through you.

Forgive yourself and you will be forgiven.

Christians judge others and then pray for their accused.

To evolve all Souls experience the growth period of their Soul Age.

Both people are equally responsible for the success of their relationship.

Release stagnant energy from your body into infinity to heal yourself.

It’s difficult to see other dimensions do to their faster speeds.

Ride the current and you’ll land safely, or grab the edge.

Past life memories reside in your body’s aura.

Blame is the condition of self-ridicule.

Idealize yourself and not another.

To worry is to create suffering.

All stress is self-induced.

Consciousness is an inside job.

Quiet your mind and heal your world.

There are over six billion paths to Utopia.

The city of refuge is alive and well within you.

When it’s time for bed think less and sleep more.

Your body is the house and your Spirit is the Light.

Spiritual experiences you have while on drugs don’t count.

 Everyone is enlightened but many people are in the dark about it.

If you’re consciously thinking negative thoughts then you’re unconscious.

Many have gone into the realm of higher consciousness through meditation.

 The spiral’s energy runs both clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time.

Nothing surrounds everything; nothing is in everything, so nothing does matter.

Consciousness is awareness of Spirit observing present time in human form.

Empower Creation to experience Itself from within you by being present.

Sustain acceptance and receive the Light you knew before incarnation.

Your mind can prevent your Soul from obtaining your life’s purpose.
Your existence is determined by what you are in agreement to.

Breathe Gold Light through your heart to change your mind.

If humans evolved from apes then apes wouldn’t still exist.

The distance separating you from Love is a state of mind.

Unfulfilled expectations may lead to negative emotions.

Depression is induced by a need to change beliefs.

If you're confused about what to do - don't do it.

Your dark side is negative unresolved emotions.

The fruit of our labor makes great fertilizer.

It's difficult to hear when you are thinking.

Freedom of Spirit reigns limitless within you.

You react according to your own experiences.

The best way to change the World is internally.

Depression and despair are the absence of hope.

The only money we need is to pay government tax.

Blocked stagnant energy in your body results in illness.

Your value isn’t determined by a profit and loss statement.

Let the scattered mind play out, you are not your thoughts.

All thoughts and images can be manifested, on different levels.

Addictive thoughts can cause you to feel good about feeling bad.

Apparently female authors didn’t exist when the Bible was written.

The same memories repeated gather moss in the corners of your mind.

Spiritually awaken from the deep sleep of lower consciousness beliefs.

The rainbow color you like best is an indication of your strongest chakra.

It doesn't matter if you take the wrong path; you will get there eventually.

When you access the chi field you will benefit from its heightened awareness.

2012 marks the end of male control and the beginning of female healing.

An active addiction closes your heart and helps to keep you stupefied.

The Jesus Christ story was copied from Dionysius, Mithras and Osiris.

The third dimension is a stepping-stone within your Soul's evolution.

Your body, birth name and Spirit vibrate at the same frequency.

Although man created God in his own image It is simply Energy.

Your significant emotional event will help you grow spiritually.

Good things come in threes such as mother, father and infant.

If your body were numb you wouldn’t know where it ends.

Your negativity may result with self-inflicted stinging pain.

Coyote the trickster is your mind playing games with you.

To be equal and balanced is to be in the universal flow.

Tap your heart chakra to activate your healing thymus.

The past is immaterial providing you're neutral to it.

If wishes were fishes we would be full of mercury.

Your only enemies are those that live inside you.

It’s your dream so make it anything you want.

You must acquire time to gain life experience.

It isn’t who you are; it’s what you are.

A closed heart is better then no heart.

Souls become what they once were.

Any voice is a voice worth hearing.

Spirit came first before the body.

All questions are statements too.

Let the Light grow inside you.

A true steward owns nothing.

One way to learn is to teach.

Give yourself to yourself.

Only you can make you feel bad.

You are the religion of the internal man.

Three jokes a day keeps the doctor away.

A person will change only of their own accord.

Projected judgment is your own reflected unconscious.

Heal your emotional body with compassion and acceptance.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between now and last week.

The twelve planets are metaphorically your twelve major chakras.

Illegal drugs and excess alcohol do more harm than good.

Black, yellow, red or white: on the inside we're all Light.

The seven suns metaphor is your seven major chakras.

State what your fear is to release control over you.

To serve mankind is to bestow honor on one self.

Improve yourself and you’ll improve the World.

We are all the descendants of human ignorance.

Turn yourself inside out and see the world.

Organized religions create separateness.

Uncross your body’s limbs to receive.

Illuminate the shadows of your mind.

You are the Ambassador of Ubody.

We live in the land of the hologram.

Money and religion control people.

Everyone is good on the inside.

There is no heart in “I’ll try”.

Happiness is an inside job.

You are your own healer.

Nirvana is where you is.

All sarcasm is negative.

Everything is sacred.

Trust your truth.

Love is Light. 
Larry Moen
“There are over six billion paths to Heaven.”
“There are over six billion paths to Heaven.”